Happy Valentines Day 2022 Wishes Quotes For Everyone

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Happy Valentines Day: February 14 is the day of celebration of Valentine’s Day. On this occasion, people celebrate it by giving flowers, gifts, cards, and letters and gave them assurance of their true love. Valentine’s day 2022 will be on Monday, 14 February 2022.

People use to organize parties with their loved ones, go out on a meal, long drive, in parkas, night clubs, and hotels. Most people gave red roses, hearts, balloons, and chocolates.

V:   Valuable
A:   Asset For
L:    Life And Let’s Start An
E:    Everlasting
N:   New Life That’s
T:   Terrific And
I:    Incredible. Let’s Have A
N:  Nice Journey Till
E:   Eternity!

In this particular event, couples are not only to celebrate, but young ones are also more curious to surprise their girl/boyfriends with love and affection with each other. Married couples gave jewelry, gold, diamond, necklace, and go out for a meal.

Girls and boys prefer to give, flowers, chocolates, and gift cards, etc.

7th Feb – Rose Day,
8th Feb – Propose Day,
9th Feb – Chocolate Day,
10th Feb – Teddy Day,
11th Feb – Promise Day,
12th Feb – Kiss Day,
13th Feb – Hug Day,
14th Feb – Valentine’s Day

Finding the right message for your Valentine can be difficult.  We’ve assembled some of the best love messages, quotes, wishes and greetings for Valentine’s Day below :

“My wish is to wish you, my Love, with lots and lots of wishes and love a Very Happy Valentine’s Day”

happy valentines day wishes

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beloved. Thanks for coming in my life, and making it special forever.”

valentine day wishes for lover

“You are my only dream, you are my life, I want to invest a single second of my life with you.”

happy valentines day wishes for lover

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special person in my life. You are my love, my heart, and my joy.”

happy valentines day wishes for lover

Best Happy Valentines Day Wishes :

“My mission is to live a life with you, my aim is to make you happy and my goal is to love you forever.”

valentine's day wishes for crush

“You make my life so beautiful. Your love for me makes me walk tall. Thank you for loving me. Happy Valentine’s day~”

valentine's day wishes for crush

“Friendship is where we started, and marriage is what I want this relation to go for. On this day of Valentine’s I wanna propose you, will you be mine forever?”

valentine day wishes for everyone

“Love me to the moon, I will love you to the sky, you be my Sun, I will be your sunshine. I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day my beloved.”

valentine day wishes for everyone

“I may not be as good looking as you are, but despite that, you are the only one who has showered upon me the endless love without any demands. Thank you for my lovely Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day my Love.”

valentine day wishes for everyone

“I wish you a happy valentine’s day celebration, my friend. You are too a special friend of mine who deserves the best of all love in your life, and you need to celebrate the day very well.”

valentine day wishes for friends

“Life is incomplete without a dear friend, and you are the one who completes me. Sending you warm wishes on the occasion of Valentine’s Day! my dear pal.”

“Life without you is unimaginable; you are the reason for happiness in my life. You are the only one who completes me. Miss you my friend.” Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

“With all my heart and love I am sending you out my choicest wishes of love and togetherness forever with you. I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet and lovely friend.”

One day down the lane we met, and who knew you will become my best friend forever. Thanks for all your love & care for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

“You are salt, I am sugar, you are spicy, and I am sweet. You are my appetizer I am your dessert.” I wish you a Very Happy Valentine’s Day! my friend.

“When I am silent you are my voice, when I am loud you make me calm. Love you, my friend, forever & ever.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“All seasons and all the months, you are the only one. So you are the one who brings happiness to me.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Friendship is all about loving your friend. Dearest friend, you are my strongest pillar and greatest strength.” Wishing Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Will love you always.

“On that special Valentine list,
You’re at the top, my friend.
I love you, and I know for sure,
Our friendship will never end!
Happy Valentines Day Buddy..!!”

“Without you in my life should never come and even if it does, let that be the last day of my life.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“You are my dear friend, and I love you dearly with all my heart. I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration, and you get cherished moments of love.”

“Friendship is a promise made in the heart. Silent. Unwritten. Unbreakable by distance. Unchangeable by time. It’s lovely to have u as one!” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I must have been born under a lucky star, to find a friend as nice as you are. I will follow the rainbow to the end if you promise to remain my friend!” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Without you I am nothing, with you I am everything. Thank you to be my everything. Love you, my friend.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Wishes For Lovers :

“A year back we met each other, a month back we came close to each other, and a day back you became my life.” Happy Valentine’s day my Love

You are my sunshine, I am your moon. When you shine, I become bright. So always shine on me, my love.”

happy valentines day wishes love

“My aim is not to live life; my aim is to complete our life together and forever. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! my life, my love.”

“Love is heat… You are sweet… When two Lips are meet each other. then Love is complete…”Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine day messages love

“Love is too weak a word for what I feel for you One life is too small a time to express how madly I am in love with you.”

valentine day messages love

“Love is like playing the piano. First, you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and lay from your heart.”

valentine day messages love

“Loving you is my mission. Being with you is my reason. I am happy to give you my all.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine messages for girlfriend

“Valentine just a few words to tell you how I love you I have loved you since the first day I saw you Whenever that was.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine messages for girlfriend

“Love is more than what I have.
Love is more than what you are.
Love takes me where I have never been.
Love takes me where I am today.
In love, it is what I am with You.
Happy Valentine’s Day!”

valentine messages for girlfriend

“My love for you is real and it would make me do unreal things Wishing you the best on Happy Valentine’s Day!”

valentine messages for girlfriend

“True love is difficult to find It’s in the heart and not in the mind The love in my heart is true since it came the day I saw you.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine messages for girlfriend

“Love is a lifetime commitment, which I wish to commit to you. Wish you a lot & a lot of love on this special day of Valentine’s.”

“My life, my love……. My heart is not at peace when you are gone. So my baby just stays close to me and says wanna love you more.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Please do a favor to my thirst eyes, come closer to my eyes and stay there forever.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“You walk in such a manner as if you reside in heaven; you are an angel from that heaven. Oh! My lovely wife,” I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I can feel your warmness; I can feel your love. But now I wanna touch your lovely soul. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! my beloved.”

“Your eyes are blue, your lips are pink. You become my rainbow when I shower colors of love on you.” Happy Valentine’s Day! My Love.

Valentines Day Wishes For Girlfriend :

“I feel great and warm when you love me, hug me, hold me and kiss me. Be the same always.” Happy valentine’s day.

valentines messages for her

“The way you smile at me, it sparkles the fire in my heart. I am in love with your mysterious eyes, girl.” Happy valentine’s day.

valentines messages for her

“Hey Girl, you brought happiness and love with you. I want you always in my arms like crazy and hold you tight.” Happy valentine’s day.

valentines messages for her

“Time stands still when you are with me, intertwined with our arms, and my heart beats with your heart, Happy valentine’s day.”

valentine day messages for girlfriend

“You are the one Girl who melts my heart and make me feel special; your kiss makes me feel the warmth of love.”Happy valentine’s day.

valentine day messages for girlfriend

“May our love keep us united for eternity! I am so lucky to have you in my life.” Happy valentine’s day.

valentine day messages for girlfriend

Valentine’s Day Wishes For Boyfriend :

“We are simply one soul in two-body; may our love grow stronger with the days passing by.” Happy valentine’s day.

valentine wishes for boyfriend

“Happy valentine’s day to the love of my life; with you, I have lived the heavenly moments of life.”

valentine wishes for boyfriend

“On this lovely day, I’m sending all my love to you and cherish all the moments I was in your arms, in your warm hugs.” Happy valentine’s day.

valentine wishes for boyfriend

“I love the thoughtful way you pamper me with your warm smile and the joy that you bring into my life every day.” Happy valentine’s day.

happy valentine day wishes for boyfriend

“I will always be there for you when you need me. Love you like crazy.” Happy valentine’s day.

valentines day quotes for him

“Maybe I am not your first love or first kiss; but all I want to be your last destination in life.” Happy valentine’s day.

valentines day quotes for him

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Wife :

“A wife like you is a treasure for anyone. My life would be incomplete if you were not in it. I love you truly madly & deeply!” Happy valentine!

“I don’t know what good I did in life to deserve such a lovely wife like you. You are amazing in every way! I love you!”

“You have all the beauty to my win my heart & all the innocence to blow my mind away. Thanks for choosing to be my wife!”

“All the boxes in this world cannot hold the love I have for you in my heart. A wife like you is a pure blessing for life.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Thanks for giving me love & creating a home for me. You are the best wife there is & there will ever be. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day!”

“I thank God every day for making me a part of your life. I may not be the perfect husband & you’re always my perfect wife!” Happy Valentine!

Valentine’s Day wishes for Husband :

“I’m thankful in every way for having a husband so amazing like you. You’ve made my life a piece of heaven.” Wishing you happy Valentine’s Day with love!

“Your love makes my world colorful and happy. You’re the reason why I smile and you’re the reason why I cheer.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Thanks for walking the same road with me through all the storms and struggles in life. I’m lucky for having you. Lots of love for you on this Valentine’s Day!”

“It doesn’t matter how many things are wrong in my life, your love is everything that counts for me! I love you, dear husband!”

“With you, my life is a movie with so many happy endings. I just need to choose which one I want to go with.” Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Wishes Images for Wife Husband :

“Someone said my love life is incomplete, but when I met you my all the lines are fully complete. Thanks to being my lifeline.” Happy Valentines Day!

“If you wake up 1 day and were asked to have a wish, what would it be? Mine would be that our love would last until you see an apple in an orange tree.”

“Love is one word and everything in between. Love is a fairytale come true. Because I found Love when I Found You.” Happy Valentine’s Day to My Love

“Your eyes are like the blue ocean, your lips are the sweetest part of nature. I want to be with you all the time. Happy Valentine’s Day to My Love”

“Nowadays I am in love with myself, as I know I am the one who is loved by God’s most beautiful creation ever. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! my love.”

“I am glad that I have someone special in my life who can be there by my side whenever I need them most.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Don’t leave me ever because it would break my heart Happy Valentine’s Day darling.

“I love you and this is something that I cannot say enough.” Happy Valentine’s Day

“I love you from the bottom of my heart and I hate you because I cannot do anything without your support.” Happy Valentines Day

“Love is like a cloud… Love is like a dream… love is one word and everything in between… Love is a fairytale come true… B’Coz I found love when I found You.” Happy Valentine’s day.

“You are my one and only Valentine and I would like to wish you the very best on this special day.” Happy Valentines Day!

“Words will fail to describe my love for you. One life would be too short to live with you.” Happy valentine’s day.

“Love doesn’t follow any rule, it is a feeling that comes from the core of your heart and plays its tricks.” Happy valentine’s day.

“True love is the key to the heart and happiness of the soul and a gift to life.” Happy valentine’s day.

“Love is the fuel for the heart, soul, and mind, without which life would be a meaningless monotony.” Happy valentine’s day.

“Life without love is simply like the moon without stars, flowers without smell, and a sky without sun. Wishing you a great life full of love on this valentine’s day.”

“On this special day, all I wish for you is that you find the arms that give you the warmth of love & hugs of strength.” Happy valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Messages for Friend :

“Time runs so fast when I’m with you. Every second we spend together is so wonderful. May life offers us more time to spend together!” Happy Valentine’s day.

“Your friendship is the most treasured gift to me and it is indeed cheering to remember the times with you.”

“Your friendship is the peace to my heart and your presence is the strength of my mind. I would like to be your friend in every incarnation.”

“On this lovely occasion, let us celebrate our friendship which means the whole world to me. Without you I am nothing.”

“Don’t ever do the mistake of forgetting me even by mistake, my life is incomplete without you.”

“No one can understand me better than you and that is why God had sent you to me. I love you, my friend.”

Valentines Day Messages for Crush :

“I miss you more than I should. I think of you more than I’m supposed to. Is it because I’m in love with you?” Happy Valentine’s Day, crush!

“I don’t need any reason to think of you & I don’t need any occasion to tell you that I’ve fallen for you.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“My heart doesn’t want to beat if it’s not for you. My eyes don’t want to see anything but you. What can I do? Happy Valentine’s Day to you!”

“When the heart wants something, the mind wants something else. But only this time, both wants the same; you!” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“The beauty of your eyes has caught me off-guard. I thought I could defend my heart but I was dead wrong! Happy Valentine’s Day, crush!”

“I just found an awful lot of reasons to fall in love with you. There’s no way I could ignore the numbers.” Happy Valentines Day, Sweetheart!

Valentine’s Messages For Family:

“There is nothing in this world more comforting than the lovely family that I have. On this special day, I just want you all to know that I love you so much!”

“Happy Valentine’s day to the world’s most amazing parents. I am so glad and proud to be a son of you two who are always in love with each other.”

“Life is so easy when you have a supporting and loving family. Endless Love for all of you on this lovely occasion.”

“You become the most powerful man in the world when your family loves you and supports you. I am grateful to you for being always there for me.” Happy Valentines day!

“Happy valentine’s day to the best family in the world. Thanks for all your support and appreciation.”

“Family, whether it’s small or big, is the great power of a person in life and I am lucky that God has blessed me with you. Love you guys more than anything else.”

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Everyone:

“Happy valentine’s day. Make sure you spend this day with your loved one!”

“On this special day, I wish that you find your true love for life and your life be blessed with happiness.” Happy Valentine’s day.

“May your life be filled with the gifts of love on this year’s Valentine and may the charm of love stay with you forever.” Happy valentine’s day.

“May this auspicious day bring joy, happiness and tons of love for you.” Happy valentine’s day.

“Accept my heartfelt greetings on this day. Make the best out of this valentine’s day and know that you’re very special to me.” Happy valentines day.

“May you always enjoy the pleasure of love in your life and never be apart from your loved ones.” Happy valentines day.

“Let the power of love take control of your life today.” Happy valentine’s day.

“Wishing you a very sweet Valentine’s day and a graceful love-life.” Happy valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes :

“While there are some people who find it easy to come up with a perfect Valentine’s Day message for their loved ones”

“So if you’re one of those people who cannot find the right words to convey your feelings, then here are the top 60 Happy Valentine’s Day messages to send to your partner.”

“Dearest sweetheart, a day without you in my life must never come for if it does, then that will for sure be the last day of my life.”

“As busy as we might get, we must remind each other that we are still sweethearts and that will remain forever. Now that it is the loving day, allow me to express how happy I am to have you in my life, I love you.”

“Love is just too weak of a word to express what I feel for you. One life is just not enough to tell you how madly in love I am with you.” Wishing you the happiest Valentine’s Day!

“Each moment that I am far from you, it seems that my tears could fill the ocean blue. I love you, sweety.”

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages :

“How to say have a beautiful Valentine’s day if not with these specially crafted messages caring nothing but love to her or him.”

“The day we met is a day I will never ever forget. I have never been so happy since the day I found you.” Happy Valentines Day my love!

“Every time I see you, I could feel a little flame in my heart lighting up. And that’s because I truly love you.”

“Best wishes on this wonderful day, sweetheart! I am really lucky to have you in my life. You are fun, crazy and smart, and being with you is definitely the happiest moment in my life.”

“Dearest sweetheart, you are a haven for my heart and a refuge for my soul,” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth it’s because I own the most precious jewel in the whole universe, and that is you, my love.”

“I don’t really know how to come up with great messages, but I just want you to know how special you are to me. I love you, Enjoy this Lovers Day!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day my darling! I promise to love you today, tomorrow and forever… up to the day, I die.”

“Honey, I need you just like how a butterfly will need its wings and how an ice bear will need cold weather. That’s how important you are in my life.”

“Every day, I thank God for He allowed me to meet you in my journey in life. I love you.
On the day of the hearts, I want you to know that you will be my Valentine, again! And for the many Valentine’s Day to come.”

“I will hold on to you forever honey because I have never ever met someone more special than you are, I love you.”

Valentine’s Day Quotes :

“If you ever had a doubt about what is the most effective way to show your love on this special day, then we will tell you the secret. Get some small gift, if it he then belts or a wallet, if it is she then perfume or a fancy bag, and then wrap it up with these loving messages with beautiful images on top. This will get her or him to smile the whole day and night too ??”

“We all make mistakes in life. But it is never a mistake to love. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. I love you so much!”

“The greatest thing you will ever learn in this world is to love and to be loved in return. Thank you, honey, for coming into my life. Best loving wishes on this wonderful day! I love you!”

“The only thing that we never get enough of is love and the one thing that we never give enough is also… love! Best wishes on this beautiful day, sweetheart!”

“You know you’re in love if you cannot bring yourself to fall asleep because the reality is finally better than what is in your dreams.” Happy Valentines Day!

“Love might be one of the most misunderstood feelings in this world. Yet, it weakens the brain, causes the cheeks to glow, eyes to sparkle and blood pressure to rise.”

“When you trip over love, you can still get up. But when you fall in love, you will fall forever. I love you, baby!”

“Have a wonderful day, honey! Anyone may catch your eye, but it will take someone special to catch your heart, I love you!”

“A hundred hearts will be too few to carry all of the love I have for you, I love you baby.”

“You have held my hand through all the tough times, my love. I know I could not make it without you. So thank you for that, have a beautiful day! I love you.”

“Your breath is the scent of a rose and your voice is the melody of angels, while your eyes are more precious than jewels. I love you,” Happy Valentines Day!

“Love will never be a promise of a rose garden unless it will be showered with water of sincerity, the air of passion and light of faith.”

“I love you, not because of what you are, but for what I have become when I am with you. Best wishes on this wonderful day.”

“If I have to choose between breathing and loving you. I will choose to breathe so I can still express how much I love you.” Happy Lovers Day!

“Dear sweetheart, our love is truly special for I know we are destined to be together. Against all odds, we still find each other and I promise I will never stop loving you.”

“Love is a four-letter word with meanings that I never understood. But when you walked into my life, you have helped me to understand the real meaning of love.” Happy Valentines Day!

“On this special day, I want you to know that I want to grow old with you and keep on loving you until the end of time.”

“I was reborn when you have first kissed me. But part of me died when you left me. Right now, I’m still trying to be alive for I cannot wait for the day that you will return to me. Have a beautiful time today!”

“I don’t know what I am to your life. I don’t know if you love me or not. But one thing I know is that I will forever love you, my love.”

No matter how far you are from me sweetheart, you will always be in my heart forever. I love you, have an amazing time today. Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day Sayings :

“Love is the perfect symbol of eternity for it erases the importance of time and ruins all the memories of a beginning and the fear of an end.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Love is a thing that is sometimes difficult to express. It is always felt and your love is certainly the most amazing feeling I ever have.”

“Loving you has always been a journey of discovery for me. I honestly don’t know what true love is up until the time that you came to my life.”

“There is not a moment in my life that I will not think about you. I love you each and everyday sweetheart and I especially love everything about you.” Best wishes on this wonderful day!

“They say that we fall in love only once in our lifetime. I know that this is not true because every day, I fall for you over and over again. I love you, have a wonderful time today sweety!”

“If a single flower is produced every time I think about you, then I could now walk forever in my garden.” Happy Valentines Day!

“Love is not about holding hands and spending time with each other. But it is about being there for your loved one, even in the cloudiest of all skies.”

“Nothing can ever give you happiness than the sweet smile of a lover and the thought that you are the reason behind that sweet smile.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“When two hearts become one, they make the world complete. Indeed, nothing more is needed in this world than love.”

“You are the song that my heart would always want to sing, I love you. Enjoy your Valentine’s today!”

“Loving someone is not about loving their perfections as well. But it is about knowing their imperfections and loving them despite that.”

“I cannot find the right words to describe love for it is something that we can never see or touch.”

“Yet, it is the thing that I have felt the moment I saw you.” Wishing you the happiest day.

“Love is like a sun, for it adds glow to your face and warms your heart. Wishing you love and happiness today!”

“The most beautiful view on earth is the love that I share with you, I love you with all my heart!”

“Love is like a canvas that is furnished by nature and embroidered with imagination.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy valentines day quotes for friends and lovers :

“Looking forward to making this v day more special than ever, hugs and kisses.”

“Another opp to remind u of how much u mean to me. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

“You make me a better person every day and I look forward to spending many more yrs by your side.”

“Happy to have you as my dream v for life, you bring a smile to my face every day. The happiest of Valentine’s days to your baby.”

“I can’t wait to shower you with all of my hugs and kisses all day. Let’s start here, I love you more than ever! Xoxo”

“Valentine’s day only means anything because I have you by my side to share it with.”

“To my love on Valentine’s day. You are the light that brightens up every day for me, loving you has been a gift.” Happy Valentine’s day.

Celebrating our love today and looking forward to many more together, here’s to many beautiful memories, my forever valentine.

“My love, you make this day worth celebrating because of all the joy and love you bring to my life. Forever yours,” Happy Valentine day.

“Can’t wait to spend the rest of our Valentine days together, because I love you more than ever. Happy Valentine day, baby.”

“I just want to say that I adore you and so glad to have you as my forever valentine, cannot wait to celebrate our love.”

“Let’s enjoy today baby because we have lots of love to celebrate!” Happy valentines day.

“Life is way better when I have you by my side, you are my better half, happy love day and I hope we celebrate many more together.”

Happy Valentines Day Wishes :

“Happy Valentine’s to the most beautiful woman in the universe. And if you think I forgot that it is also our anniversary, you were wrong. It’s a double celebration of love and happiness. I love you, honey.”

“We can celebrate love every day if we wanted to, but this day will always be a special one. Thank you for all the memories we have.” happy valentines day wishes

“To the man who stole my heart, Happy Valentine’s Day! It is such a great day every day when I am with you. Thank you for all the laughter and sweet moments. Cheers for another day full of love and happiness!”

“I love Valentine’s Day, not because I have a boyfriend, but because I am glad to see people who are so in love and contented with their partner. Have a Great Valentine’s, everyone! And of course, best wishes to my one and only love.” happy valentines day wishes

“To the man who puts a smile on my face, happiest Valentine’s Day to you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you with all my heart. Wishing us wonderful years ahead.”

“Happy Day of Valentine to the best team leader ever. Thank you for your never-ending commitment and understanding. Enjoy your date. ??”

“No date, no flowers, no chocolates, but I have you. For me, that’s what matters most. I appreciate that despite your busy work you spent this day with me. I love you, honey!”

“Every Day is like Valentine’s Day when I am with you. No hate, just pure love. This feeling I have for you is never-ending.”

“Lovers Day reminds you that you need to have a boyfriend now. It’s about time to open up your heart for those who deserve it. Come on, girl! Life is too short. Enjoy and have fun! Happy Heart’s Day!”

“It was fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with you. That was one of the best memories we have together. Looking forward to more celebrations and happenings. Again, have a wonderful time today, with me of course ??”

“This day is more than flowers and gifts. Sometimes, it is about spending time with your love. How about having a simple dinner or a movie together? I bet this sounds great, right? Anyways, just wanted to greet you a wonderful Valentine’s Day together.” Enjoy! ??

“I would love to greet you, mom and dad, a happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your celebration. I miss you both. Take care of each other always.”

“To all my single friends out there, enjoy a day of St.Valentine. I am praying hard for your perfect love story. In the meantime, let’s have fun and enjoy it. Cheers to everyone!”

“Can I ask you out for a date tonight? I will be waiting at the nearby restaurant just a few blocks away from our office. Take care. Have a wonderful day!”

“I am excited to see you on Valentine’s Day. I’ll make sure you will enjoy our celebration. See you in a few days.” Have the happiest Lovers Day!

“You help me understand why this day is special for couples. It is a celebration of love and appreciation. Thank you for coming into my life. My Valentine’s wouldn’t be this special if it wasn’t because of you. I love you.” Happy Valentines Day!

“To the love of my life, best wishes on this day. It feels great having you in my life to celebrate it. I cannot imagine my life without you. I love you.”

“I will rather sing and dance till the next Day come instead of being bitter about me having no date on Valentine’s Day. There is more to life. Love you so much, sweety.”

“I heard there’s a new coffee shop near your place. I think we should try their promo on Valentine’s Day. “Advance happy Valentine’s Day! 

“I may not be the sweetest boyfriend but at least I always remember to send you flowers on this loving day. I hope you like white roses too!!”

“Well, I guess this is the best Valentine’s ever in my life. Red roses, fine dining, and YOU. I hope every year will be exactly like this.” Happiest Valentine’s ever.

“HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, SWEETIE. I’ll be picking you at exactly 7 pm tonight. Wear your best dress. This will be our best date ever. See you.”

“How I wish to have you here with me this year on St.Valentines. I miss you so much, baby! I hope you are doing fine always. Take care. I love you.” Happy Lovers Day!!

“My day was perfect because I am with the sweetest, most beautiful girl in the world. Thank you for the wonderful dinner last night. I am looking forward to more sweet memories with you. Have a great day always.”

“Nothing is special with Valentine’s Day if you are alone. That’s why I asked my friends to celebrate with me. Best Valentine’s ever. We just sang and dance till we drop. All of us were happy.”

“Valentine’s Day is not for couples alone. It is also the best time to celebrate with your friends. I love you all, friends!”

“Thank you for asking me out on Valentine’s Day. I thought I would be alone again this year. Your invitation made my Day. See you.”

Happy valentines day messages :

“Valentine’s day is a day when we are all focused on love, and I am focused on just how much I love you as I celebrate this day with you.”

“I want you to know just how much you mean to me as we celebrate this Valentine’s Day together and look toward a future that is bright.”

“Valentine’s day can be celebrated by all kinds of people, and I am happy that I get to celebrate this day with you.”

“I am blessed to have someone to celebrate this special day with, and I hope that your Valentine’s day is everything that you want it to be.”

“I hope that you receive everything that you are looking to get on this Valentine’s day and that you are spoiled by everyone you run into.”

“I hope that you feel spoiled and appreciated on this Valentine’s day and that this day is one that you will never forget.”

“There are certain days that you will remember forever, and I hope that this Valentine’s day feels so special to you that you cherish it in your heart.”

“May you feel all of my love on this Valentine’s day and may you know just how much you mean to me every day of the year.”

“This is a day when we focus on the love that we feel for one another, and this Valentine’s day reminds me of just how much I care about you.”

“Valentine’s day is for those who love one another, and I hope that you feel me with you as you celebrate this day.”

“I hope that your day is brightened as you remember, on this Valentine’s day, just how much you mean to me.”

“Happy Valentine’s day to someone who is deserving of a day that is all about them and the things that they love!”

Valentine Messages for Friends :

“Whoever said Valentine’s day is only for lovers? I love you my best friend!” Happy Valentine’s day.

“You have been my friend through thick and thin. I cannot imagine life without you. I love you, my friend.” Happy Valentine’s day.

“Even the most caring and loving partner cannot take the place of a good friend. Thanks for filling the gap in my life.” Happy Valentines Day.

“I hope your day brings just what you want it to.”

“Thanks for being the loyal and caring [friend] you are. Love you!”

“Here’s to Valentine’s Day filled with good wine, good food and especially good friends like you.
Happy Valentine’s to one of my favorite people. Ever.”

“Boyfriends come and go, but friends are forever!” Happy Valentine’s day!

“Valentine’s Day and every day, I’m grateful for you.”

“My friend, you deserve more beautiful love moments on this Valentine’s Day and I wish you celebrate the day lovely.” I wish you a happy Valentine day

“You are my dear friend and I love you dearly with all my heart. I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration and you get a cherished moment”

“Hope he spoils you. You deserve it.”

“Someday, our princes will come.”

“I wish we could be together swapping chocolates and laughing over candy hearts like we used to.”

“I’ll raise an awesome Valentine’s cocktail for you.”

I don’t need the doctor, you are the medicine that brings happiness to my life. Happy Valentine’s day.

“I hope you feel loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day. Because you are.”

“Valentine’s Day is much more fun when I get to spend it with you.”

“Friendship is all about understanding. It is all about forgiving. It is all about fighting and then finding it so hard to stay angry. Moreover,”

“You are a friend to me, a friend who I would never ever want to lose. I love you more than anything else in this world.” Happy Valentines day.

“May you feel a wealth of love this Valentines Day.”

“I feel loved this Valentine’s Day knowing that I have you as a friend.”

“You’re my best friend and my best Valentine!”

“Friendship is all about loving your friend. Dearest friend, you are my strongest pillar and greatest strength.” Wishing Happy Valentine’s Day 

“Life is incomplete without a dear friend and you are the one who completes me. Sending you warm wishes on the occasion of Valentine’s Day”

“Girlfriends come and go, but brothers are forever!” Happy Valentine’s day!

“Thanks for being my friend and my Valentine this year!”

“Sending warm feelings to a great friend this Valentine’s Day.”

“Today my heart beats out for close friends like you who have been understanding, loyal and supportive, every step of the way.” Happy Valentine’s day

“I cherish the time that we spend together and know that you are a great Valentine.
Funny Valentine’s Day Messages”

“Love will make you feel fifteen at the age of fifty. So be in love always. Happy valentine’s day.

“I always searched for someone to live with, but I ended up finding the person I cannot live without. Happy Valentine!”

“Everyone should have a boyfriend like you, why should I put up with your stupidity alone! Happy valentine’s day.”

“Here is the perfect recipe for Valentine’s day; a half cup of hugs, two-third cup kisses, half tablespoon of snuggles and 5 lbs of chocolate!”

“My love for you will be the same even when you’ll have no teeth left and no hair black. Happy Valentine!”

“I am sorry that I can’t give you my heart this year as I have another thumping organ for you if you’re interested in it.”

“I was wondering if she knows about all your secret valentines or is she just another ‘beautiful but dumb’ doll. Just kidding!” Happy Valentine’s Day!

“He that goes out on a dating with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day knowing that his friend is still single is no friend at all.”

“Have all the fun with your valentines but don’t forget that the night is for us getting drunk together & doing shits like no one ever does!”

Love Messages for Valentine’s Day :

“I know you’ll catch me every time I fall in love with you! You’re the perfect gift on this valentine for me.” Happy Valentines Day!

“Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion to let you know what an important place you have in my heart. I love you!” Happy Valentines Day!

“You’ve made my life awesome in every way. I can always feel the fragrance of your love in the air. Wishing you a happy valentines day!”

“We share the most romantic kind of relationships in the world. No doubt why I feel so happy all the time. A box of love for you on this day!”

“I made a promise to love you forever and I’ll keep my promise till my last breath. I’ll never stop loving you ever. Happy Valentines Day!”

“My heart yearns for you more than anyone and anything. My eyes crave for you and my mind can’t stop thinking of you!” Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Text Messages :

“We share the kind of love that even Romeo-Juliet would be jealous of. We are perfect for each other in every way!” Happy valentine!

“I still miss one or two heartbeats whenever I see you. If this is not loving, I don’t know what else is! Wishing you a happy valentine’s day!”

“I stopped searching for happiness from the moment I first met you! You are my daily dose of happiness! I love you!”

“You showed me how to love someone so selflessly. You taught me the meaning of true love. You deserve all the happiness on this day!”

“I may not always show it but the truth is my heart is overflowed with love for you. Keep some love form it on this Valentine’s Day!”

“My heart beats faster and I see butterflies flying around me when you hold my hand. I love you so much.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Quotes :

“Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love.” – William Shakespeare

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” Kiersten White

“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along. ” Rumi

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” A. A. Milne

“I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.” Rabindranath Tagore

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.” Alfred Thompson

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” Judy Garland

“Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.” Robert Browning

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone — we find it with another. Thomas Merton”

“Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss. John Keats”

Governments do not offer Valentine’s holiday officially. However, in some countries government and local private stores used to organize and decorate their stores, shops, and departments to attract people. The heart is the symbol for such a day. However pink and red color, chocolates are emerging over time.

In most of countries, it is becoming a culture and celebrated with full grounding. Most of the countries started celebrating it in the middle of the seventeenth century. In the 18th century, young people’s started celebrating it too. It becomes more popular with friends, lovers, and social classes.

Quoteen always tries to bring you amazing, inspirational and motivational quotes. So, you can bring a huge change in your life.

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